IngMar Medical 17025:2017 Accredited

Anthony Rakow, Calibrations and Service Manager and Katherine Burdelski, Quality Manager

IngMar Medical is proud to announce that our calibration lab has been accredited by A2LA to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (Certificate Nr. 4172.01). This is the latest edition of the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. We were previously accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005.  This accreditation demonstrates technical competence for a defined scope and for the operation of a laboratory quality management system.

Confidence in Testing with the ASL 5000

Accreditation to 17025 provides third-party confirmation that you can be confident in your results when using IngMar Medical’s ASL 5000™ Breathing Simulator for your critical research, development, and quality testing.

Laboratories that are accredited to this international standard have demonstrated that they are technically competent and able to produce precise and accurate test and/or calibration data. In fact, ISO/IEC 17025 is the single most important standard for calibration and testing laboratories around the world.

Moreover, as part of accreditation, our laboratory’s quality management system is thoroughly evaluated on a regular basis by A2LA, a highly respected third-party accreditation body.ilac-mra-a2la-accredited-symbol-4172-01
This ensures continued technical competence and compliance with ISO/IEC 17025.


Other Relevant ISO Standards

IngMar Medical is ISO 9001:2015 Certified (Registration Nr. (74 300 3727).

The ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator meets or exceeds the requirements for test lungs used for volume testing as specified in the following standards:

  • ISO 80601-2-12:2011 (Critical Care Ventilators)
  • ISO 80601-2-13:2011 (Anesthetic Workstations)
  • ISO 10651-6:2004 (Home Care Ventilatory Support Devices)
  • ISO 10651-3:1997 (Emergency and Transport Ventilators)

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