Enough is Enough

Stefan Frembgen, President/CEO of IngMar Medical

The death of George Floyd is a stark reminder that the demons of the past are also the demons of today. Police do not apply “protect and serve” to all of us who live in this country in the same way. We grieve not only for the senseless loss of black lives, but also for the loss of freedom from fear, the loss of opportunity, the loss of many of the basic things that we all claim that humans have a right to in their pursuit of happiness.

We must ask ourselves what contributions we are making to abolish the system of racism that still undeniably exists all around us. Our voice in the chorus of those who are envisioning a future without discrimination is critical.

No business exists in a vacuum, but in a framework where not only money and goods are exchanged, but values are shaped and upheld, and where people’s lives are touched in many different ways.

We, collectively, can be who we want to be. We have the power to shape our interactions with the world. We need to use this power to set the bar high. We need to use this power to actively promote the self evident truth that all people are created equal.

– Stefan Frembgen, President/CEO, IngMar Medical