New QuickChoice Menu adds ease to simulation training

The world’s most advanced system for ventilator management training just got even better. Software 3.6 for the RespiSim® System is more intuitive and user friendly than ever before. Below is an interview with IngMar Medical President Dr.-Ing. Stefan Frembgen.
IngMar Medical President Dr.-Ing. Stefan Frembgen
IngMar Medical President Dr.-Ing. Stefan Frembgen

Q: What makes Software 3.6 so exciting?

Stefan: Software 3.6 offers a whole new level of simplicity for educators. It takes the idea of our RespiSim System, that is, to deploy plug-and-play ready simulation modules for ventilator management training, to a level where the beginning learner can start with just basic patient models. We call it the QuickChoice Menu – an instructor can pick from a library of patients and start right away.

We also added a very visual teaching aid for respiratory mechanic basics – the Equation of Motion screen. Students need to understand this concept. Seeing how breathing parameters shift during a breath is a great way to foster this kind of understanding.

Q: How will Software 3.6 change the way educators teach mechanical ventilation concepts?

Stefan: Educators will find that it is much easier to pull together some quick simulation scenarios when they are talking about basic challenges in managing a patient on a ventilator. Using the QuickChoice menu as a starting point for more complex scenarios will also result in more educators designing their own scenarios instead of relying on what they buy as full-featured RespiSim modules from IngMar Medical.

Q: What is your personal favorite feature of Software 3.6?

Stefan: It definitively is the Advanced Waveform View with the Equation of Motion bar graph. It’s just so nice to be able to slowly move through a single breath in a time warp while explaining what is actually happening in the patient’s lungs.

Watch a brief overview of the new features found in Software 3.6

Q: What is the benefit of upgrading your current IngMar Medical product to Software 3.6?

Stefan: There are a host of small improvements that stem from what our clinical educators brought back from visits in the field. They see first-hand how customers use the software and what the wish list looks like. So it’s a no-brainer to get the upgrade if you are an educational customer and use RespiSim or the ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator to teach ventilator management, in my view.