Build Respiratory Scenarios with RespiSim

Simulating clinical reality is a challenging task. RespiSim System was designed to make simulation of respiratory events much easier, without sacrificing the highest levels of clinical fidelity.

In this webinar, learn simulation tips and tricks to build respiratory and ventilation scenarios from scratch using the brand new RespiSim 4.0 Software and RespiPro. Walk away with the inspiration and confidence to create scenarios of your own!

Participants will:

  1. Expand their repertoire of scenario ideas
  2. Improve their competency of building scenarios within RespiSim 4.0 Software
  3. Increase their proficiency in scenario-building by utilizing the provided resources



With RespiPro, educators can train all levels of learners across multiple disciplines on the full scope of respiratory techniques using their own real ventilators and respiratory devices. Please visit this webpage to learn more!