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We love our ASL 5000 users, so in response to requests, we’ve launched an ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator User Forum on LinkedIn! We hope this platform enables our users to collaborate and share everything from teaching techniques, to success stories, to patient models, and more!

The content on this User Forum is intended to be user-generated, with little to no input from IngMar Medical. This is your opportunity, as ASL 5000 users, to meet and converse with other users of the product.

What users are currently discussing on the User Forum…

How do you define ventilator management competency?
How do you determine if a student is competent in ventilator management? Assessing MV proficiency levels can be complicated because there is no standardized rating scale. Some say competency is defined by the student’s comfort level with the ventilator. Others say it’s the ability to identify problems immediately or to have an extensive understanding of human physiology. How do YOU decide whether or not you students are competent in ventilator management?

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