A look inside Cleveland Clinic Sim Day

Recently, IngMar Medical ventured to the Cleveland Clinic to meet with Rob Chatburn and Dr. Eduardo Mireles-Cabodevila to participate in their annual Mechanical Ventilation Simulation Day. Here, first, second, and third year pulmonary fellows had the opportunity to try their hand at applying 10 fundamental maxims for understanding ventilator operation.  Authored by Rob Chatburn, these maxims help students to truly understand which modes provide the best support during various patient scenarios.

Rob Chatburn programming a mechanical ventilator at Cleveland Clinic Simulation Day.
Rob Chatburn adjusting a mechanical ventilator at Cleveland Clinic Simulation Day.
“During Sim Day, I had the chance to interact with doctors making critical adjustments to ventilator settings who were later able to explain why they made those changes.” said Amanda Dexter, IngMar Medical’s Clinical Educator. “These 10 fundamental maxims teach clinicians the primary concepts of mechanical ventilation, so no matter what situation they are placed in when they leave their fellowship, they will know what selections to make on any given ventilator.”