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Manikin-Based vs. Computer-Based Training for Ventilator Management – New Research

Is mechanical ventilation training with a manikin more effective than other modes of instruction? The argument for hands-on simulation training makes sense intuitively, but simulation training is very resource-intensive, so this is an important question.

A recent article in Simulation in Healthcare, Simulation Training for Residents Focused on Mechanical Ventilation compared a group of anesthesiology residents receiving computer-based training to a group receiving manikin-based training. The trial was conducted at the Simulation Centre of the University of Ferrara, Italy by Spadaro, et al. The manikin group was trained with a Laerdal SimMan® manikin together with the IngMar Medical Adult/Pediatric Lung Model. The computer-trained group used a free online software program, Virtual MV v4.0 (Mechanical Ventilator Simulator), a Microsoft Excel 2007 tool developed by Iotti et al.

The study found that the manikin-based training was more effective than the computer-based training in managing mechanical ventilation. Furthermore, residents reported higher satisfaction with the manikin-based training.

The authors also discussed the important role that hands-on training plays in closing the gap between advances in knowledge and actual clinical practice. Considering ARDS in particular, they cited several studies highlighting the need for greater compliance to ARDS-net recommendations. Especially in high-stakes situations, we tend to default to approaches where we are confident in our skills. Hands-on simulation training provides the opportunity to develop new skills without putting patients at risk.

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Note: Since this research was conducted, IngMar Medical & Laerdal have collaborated to create the ASL 5000™ Lung Solution for SimMan, a high-fidelity and easy to operate combination.

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