The RespiSim®  System provides you with powerful tools to guide your students toward key learning objectives.


The Instructor Dashboard is the tool used by instructors to facilitate the simulation. This interface greatly simplifies simulation management with a flexible sequence of Change Events. Change Events allow the instructor to move from one patient state to the next with the click of a button. Recommended patient states are preconfigured by IngMar Medical, but they can also be edited by the instructor as they see fit. Ultimately, the instructor decides which patient states are applied and when.

The Instructor Dashboard allows the instructor the flexibility to amplify effects, throw students a curveball, or get the simulation back on track so that learning outcomes are achieved. Simulations determined strictly by physiological models that do not allow instructors to direct the simulation can sometimes actually impede the achievement of learning goals.

The video below demonstrates the key components of the Instructor Dashboard.

Instructor Dashboard