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IngMar Medical, Leader in Respiratory Simulation, Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Interview with Stefan Frembgen, Dr.-Ing., Founder and President

Stefan Frembgen, Dr-Ing, Founder and President of IngMar Medical

Since 1993, IngMar Medical has pioneered the design, manufacture, and sale of portable, user-friendly breathing simulators used to train healthcare professionals in respiratory care, as well as to design and test respiratory devices such as ventilators. IngMar Medical’s products have established an industry standard and helped raise the quality of respiratory care around the world.

Q. What influenced the startup of this company?

Stefan Frembgen: As mechanical ventilators were becoming increasing complex, we saw the need for portable, more versatile, and sophisticated lung simulation devices for respiratory care training as well as respiratory device development, research, and evaluation. 

We launched our company in 1993 just as the Internet was beginning to gain momentum. Through the Internet, we were able to effectively pursue a ‘global niche’ strategy, selling high quality, specialty products worldwide from day one. 

From the start we knew that providing exceptional customer service is absolutely critical, not only in terms of customer loyalty, but also because our customers are our greatest source of information for product development.

Q. What has changed since 1993? 

Stefan Frembgen: As our product portfolio and sales volume has increased, of course the scale of our operation has changed. However, the commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service remains at the core of our vision.

Internet technology continues to offer new opportunities to better serve our customers, for example with the use of on-line individualized support. Without leaving our facility in Pittsburgh, we can hold training sessions around the world and assist our customers with highly sophisticated and unique applications for our products.

The current economic climate demands ever-greater efficiency from healthcare professionals, medical devices, and facilities. Simulation helps accelerate research and development, streamline safety testing, and train more effective healthcare professionals—without risk to patients. Our products provide hands-on training that you can’t get from a book.

Q. How will IngMar Medical continue to develop and improve its products in the future? 

Stefan Frembgen: Medical simulation, in general, will continue to evolve rapidly into more specialized areas. IngMar Medical has been a leader in bringing the power of hands-on learning to the respiratory community. We will continue to work to refine and broaden the approach to ventilator management training. For one, we will increase the scope of training by including more real-life scenarios of ventilator emergencies and patient disease states, including multi-parameter physiological responses. But we will also work into our approach the newer technologies of augmented and hybrid reality. And last, but not least, we will offer measurable performance indicators to help objectively assess clinician competency.

Q. What is IngMar Medical’s biggest competitive advantage? 

Stefan Frembgen: IngMar Medical has a long history of working with renowned clinical researchers and serving the engineers of the companies that make respiratory support products. Furthermore, our team is passionate in their belief that better clinician training ultimately results in better patient outcomes. 

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