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Infant and Pediatric Respiratory Simulation

We offer a range of solutions to fit your application needs and your budget.

Baby copy 2ASL 5000™ Breathing Simulator

The ASL 5000 is the only high fidelity breathing simulator able to simulate neonatal volumes. Its flexibility and precision make it the premier choice for R&D, QC and for clinical training. Use alone or integrate into a manikin. Customization also available.

PreemieLung Option for the ASL 5000

The standard ASL 5000 is normally adequate for simulating neonatal patients. The PreemieLung Option is designed for customers with specialized applications requiring increased accuracy at low volumes.

RespiTrainer® Infant

The RespiTrainer Infant is a manual ventilation task trainer for teaching and assessing basic and advanced airway skills as well as bag-valve-mask ventilation.

NeoLung Neonatal Demonstration Lung

Train for the challenges of ventilating your tiniest patients with the NeoLung. Quickly and easily adjust compliance, resistance, leaks, and volume. Simulate conditions such as stacked breaths, over-distention, “stiff” lungs, leaks, high-frequency ventilation, and more.

QuickLung® Jr. Pediatric Test Lung

Simulate pediatric patients with this special design of the popular QuickLung. Offers full features and functions of the QuickLung with reduced compliance and tidal volume.

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