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More Realistic Aerosol Device Testing

Bring your in vitro respiratory drug delivery testing closer to real life with the ASL 5000™ Breathing Simulator. The ASL 5000 gives you the ability to examine devices under a wide range of circumstances, including patients whose condition or effort changes over time.

Better predict drug behavior in patients with the ASL 5000’s dynamic rendering of disease states.

The ASL 5000 can dynamically render models that include high-fidelity respiratory mechanics and patient effort, from neonatal to adult. More than just a flow pump, the ASL 5000 enables you to shape your flow curves to generate realistic breathing profiles (flow vs. time) that can be employed to test metered dose inhalers (MDIs), dry powder inhalers (DPIs), nebulizers, spacers, and valved holding chambers. With the ASL 5000 you can:

  • Precisely define and apply breathing profiles for patients of all sizes with the ASL 5000 XL (2 mL to 6 L tidal volume range)
  • Test all types of drug delivery devices including nebulizers, inhalers (MDIs and DPIs), and spacers
  • Vary tidal volumes, I:E-ratios, and breath-holds
  • Interface with particle size analyzers (next generation impactors) to apply breathing patterns and precise triggering
  • Investigate the impact of changing patient conditions and efforts
  • Control testing remotely from your instrumentation software
  • Validate performance to international standards and pharmacopeiae
  • Conduct experiments while protecting the ASL 5000 from contamination by emitted drugs with the Auxiliary Gas Exchange Cylinder (AGEC) Learn more
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