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Respiratory simulation helps advance patient care by enabling research into the performance of  respiratory therapy devices without putting patients at risk. Simulation provides repeatable patients as well as extensive data collection and analysis.

Our ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator is a digitally controlled, high fidelity breathing simulator capable of simulating neonatal though adult patients. It has established itself as an essential instrument for in vitro research on the performance of respiratory therapy devices such as ventilators, CPAP devices, nebulizers, masks, and aerosol drug delivery devices. Research studies using the ASL 5000.

The performance feedback and data analysis capabilities of the RespiTrainer Advance make it an excellent tool for conducting research on the impact of manual ventilation training. William Malley, program director at the IUP/West Penn Hospital School of Respiratory Care in Pittsburgh, recently oversaw a student project that  examined the improvement and retention of manual ventilation skills using the RespiTrainer Advance.

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