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Application Notes

ASL 5000 Application Notes

RS-232 Connections

Due to the domination of USB-ports, especially on laptop PCs, it becomes oftentimes difficult to connect a serial (RS-232) device to such PCs. A relatively straightforward solution is to use a serial adapter that converts a USB port on the PC to a serial COM-port…Read More.

Network Connection with Static IP

Several methods exist for making a network connection of the ASL 5000 to the host PC. This application note covers some technical details for optimizing the setup. The manual describes the method of connecting the ASL to a network which is using a DHCP server (a router that issues automatic IP addresses to all devices coming onto the network)…Read More.

Test Automation Interface

IngMar Medical Ltd. has developed an interface for the ASL 5000 breathing simulator, which will provide the end user with the capacity to incorporate the ASL 5000 into automation testing. This server software will run independently from the ASL software and provides a command-based interface for the ASL control…Read More.

Using the External Analog Input as Pmus/Flow/Volume/Profiles

It is possible to use the analog inputs provided on the ASL 5000 for generating breath profiles (both in patient modeling and flow/volume pump mode) instead of digitally formatted muscle
pressure/flow/volume profiles (driver profiles)…Read More.

In-Vitro Replay of Patient Flow Data

In order to use the Patient Flow Data Processing utility, you must have a patient data file (tab-or comma-delimited ASCII or EDF format) with data points arranged in columns…Read More.

Chest Rise Module

This document describes the setup of an ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator and the ChestRise Module Option (part no. 31 00 730) for use with a Laerdal SimMan® 3G high fidelity patient simulator…Read More.

Use of ASL 5000 in Particle Size Distribution Experiments in Setups with Multi-stage Impactors

The ASL 5000 can beneficially be used in aerosol delivery testing experimental setups where a single breath application is sued to obtain a sample from a drug delivery device which is then to be analyzed in a multi-stage impactor or other device that determines particle size distribution…Read More.

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