IngMar Medical is globally connected with over a thousand customer sites worldwide.

Sales in the USA are direct from our company and not through distributors.

For all other countries, if you do not find your region listed below, we can work together directly. Our customer care and technical support staff is well equipped to directly provide the highest level of customer service to our international customers.

Let us connect you with a distributor, please fill out the form below.


McArthur Medical Sales Inc.
Main Contact: Gary Szostak
Phone:  +1 416-209-0359

China (for device testing only)

ALK Trade & Marketing
Main Contact: Frank Krafft
Phone: 010-64649830

Czech Republic

S&T Plus s.r.o.
Main Contact: Monika Jirackova
Phone: +420 602 236 723


Morgate Biomedical
Main Contact: Patrick Le Mouellic
Phone: 09 72 64 34 96

Germany, Austria

Mefina Medical
Main Contact: Jorg Skrabar
+49 (0) 21 04 – 8 33 80 – 0

Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan (for education only)

Tellyes Scientific Inc.
Main Contact: Toni Wang
Phone: +86 2283711066 x8593


Iwaki & Co., Ltd.
Main Contact: Medical Device Marketing Group
Phone:  +81 3 3913 2341


Main Contact: Wieslaw Matejczuk
Phone: 48 68 327 15 66

Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belarus

Virtumed Ltd.
Main Contact: Anna Panaeva
Phone: +7 (495) 988 26 12

Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Libya, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Sudan 

Beta Scientific Instruments Co. Ltd.
Main Contact: Amro Yousef
Phone: +966 555 499 762

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