Engineering Internship

IngMar Medical’s engineering internship program provides students interested in medical device engineering with the opportunity to undertake projects involving state-of-the-art biomedical test instrumentation (respiratory simulators, ventilator testers).

“A smaller sized company allows a deeper insight into all work necessary to run a company. You are more likely to be part of important company milestones and activities of a complete product life cycle.”Tobias Gorsleben, former intern

Projects could involve electronics, hardware, and/or software, according to the intern’s interests and qualifications. The length of the internship is flexible, however, we encourage students to consider a year-long internship. The full year gives interns a greater opportunity to experience the results of their efforts as their projects come to fruition, to achieve an advanced level of personal and professional development, as well as develop greater fluency in English and familiarity with American culture.


The small business setting at IngMar Medical offers exceptional professional-level work experience with wide exposure to different aspects of a technology driven business. With a German CEO and strong business ties to Europe, IngMar Medical provides an excellent introduction to the US work environment in a globally-oriented company. We are certified by Bike Pittsburgh as a Bike Friendly Employer!

Our urban location in close proximity to Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh affords an interesting student cultural scene with important amenities accessible by foot, bicycle, or public transportation. Pittsburgh also boasts a low cost of living with a good supply of housing. For more information about Pittsburgh see


Students in engineering disciplines (mechanical, electrical, computer science, etc.) relevant to medical device engineering with high scholastic achievement, demonstrated ability to assume responsibility and successfully complete assignments, excellent interpersonal and technical skills, and good proficiency in English.


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Please apply as early as possible for the best consideration.