RespiSim System for Educators

Products, training and technical support are excellent. The products are very useful in my daily teaching role.Fred Goglia, MEd, RRT, ACCS, Program Director, Respiratory Care Program, Highline College

Thanks for helping me be successful at symposium! The RespiSim software worked flawlessly with the ASL 5000. The session went very well and was a success beyond expectations! You guys have been great to work with on this project with exemplary service even before the sale!Bob Page, MEd, NRP, CCP, NCEE, CHSE, CHSOS, State Educator, Virginia Office of EMS

I loved it. I love the ease of use, and yet it retains the robust ability to change the pulmonary dynamics adequately.Lonny Ashworth, MEd, RRT, FAARC
Professor, Director of Research, Department of Respiratory Care, Boise State University

The platform is easy to read and navigate. I created my own scenarios and they worked well.Bill Garrison, BS, ACCS-RRT, RCP, Respiratory Educator, Simulation Lab at St. Elizabeth Healthcare

I love the aesthetics. The user interface is vastly improved! It aligns with my expectations for simulation product software layouts. It is very intuitive appearing and much less overwhelming regarding the amount of information visible.

You have successfully flipped from engineering framework to a respiratory educator framework. It speaks my language, and I can intuitively navigate the software and design scenarios without needing a lot of training. I appreciate how the scenarios are designed, the vast improvement in the monitor layout, and the transition times between patient states.

With the legacy RespiSim 3.6 software, I’m the only one on our team that can use it since the rest of my sim team are nurses. The new software will make it easier for novice users and other disciplines to integrate your product into their complex scenarios.Anonymous

The ASL 5000 is the only simulator on the market that can manifest the wide variety of pathologic states necessary to provide cutting-edge training to my residents and fellows.Dr. Rami A. Ahmed, Simulation Medical Director, Summa Health System

There is no doubt that my ability to convey the concepts and application of mechanical ventilation to my students and others will be enhanced by using RespiSim.John Rutkowski, Program Director Respiratory Therapy, County College of Morris

The educational possibilities of the RespiSim are endless and [IngMar Medical’s Clinical Educator] helped me to learn how to use all the features of the system.Norma Lahart, Director of Clinical Education, Respiratory Care, Alvin Community College, RRT

RespiSim and the ASL 5000 have made a significant difference to our mechanical ventilation course. The student’s understanding of compliance, resistance and asynchrony has increased tremendously since using RespiSim.Jean Newberry, Program Director, Respiratory Care Program, Florida SouthWestern State College

ASL 5000 Lung Solution for Educators

The ASL 5000 Lung Solution is a win-win for everyone and changes the whole education model. It opens up new horizons for the hospital staff.Bill Garrison, Respiratory Educator, Simulation Lab at St. Elizabeth Healthcare

Our ASL 5000 Lung Solution seems to be one of the most popular portions of our respiratory program. The Flight Medics, Critical Care Medics, and EMS have used it weekly!Steve Hudson, Simulation Technician, Greenville Health System

ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator for Researchers and Engineers

IngMar Medical produces a very unique device in the ASL 5000. In my opinion, there are no other competitors.Ryan Dillman, Lab Coordinator/ Engineering Services, Philips Home Healthcare Solutions

Product Training and Support

The educator was excellent. She tailored the session to our somewhat unique needs, was extremely knowledgeable, and really helped us to understand how we can use the ASL [5000] in our veterinary environment.Daniel Fletcher, Associate Professor Emergency and Critical Care, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

This training provided me with the background and knowledge necessary to operate the ASL 5000 and associated program. With the hands-on demonstration, I was given the opportunity to practice skills that I was taught to further enhance my understanding.Catherine Pearce, Med-Simulation Technician, Salisbury University

IngMar’s Clinical Educator applied every concept of simulation to the real world setting! I have gained a wealth of knowledge to increase simulation experiences for every respiratory student!Deborah Patten, Clinical Coordinator Respiratory Care Department, Northern Kentucky University

QuickLung Breather for Educators

I want to thank you again for educating me on the Quicklung Breather. As education coordinator I have always stressed to my therapists the importance of knowing how and why our equipment does what it does. You helped me achieve that goal for the Quicklung Breather.Steven Bonett, Education Coordinator, UF Health @ Shands Hospital