ASL 5000 Aerosol Delivery Testing

The ASL 5000™ Breathing Simulator can be effectively used in aerosol delivery testing experimental setups where a single breath application is used to obtain a sample from a drug delivery device to be analyzed in a multi-stage impactor or other device for determining particle size distribution.

Intended Use

ASL 5000 Aerosol Delivery Testing: The Auxiliary Gas Exchange Cylinder (AGEC) accessory is designed to be used for this purpose together with two one-way valves configured as a T-piece. The AGEC acts as a “bag-in bottle” device where the simulator is removed from the delivered drug and possible contamination.


Figure 1
Figure 2

Figures 1 and 2 illustrate gas flow during a simulated inspiration/expiration cycle. (Just one breath programmed for the simulator). Inspiration can be chosen to represent a patient’s actual breath flow pattern, while expiration can be programmed to occur at the rate of flow required by the impactor or particle sizing device (for example: 28.3 L/min).

During the inspiration, flow will reach the bag in the AGEC from the drug delivery device based on the inspiratory movement of the simulator piston. The area around the bag inside the AGEC (see Fig. 1) will start to be evacuated, thus inflating the bag. The inspiration should be shaped to reflect actual patient behavior when using the drug delivery device.