Create repeatable breath patterns at a high level of accuracy with the ASL 5000™ Breathing Simulator’s SmartPump mode. The SmartPump mode is a waveform generator that controls flow or volume. 

Waveform Generator ( Flow or Volume)

Sometimes you do not need a patient model that responds to pressure changes. Rather, you need a flow or volume pattern representing just the spontaneous breathing activity. For this purpose, you can switch to SmartPump Mode instead of a one- or two-compartment lung model. Sinusoidal, trapezoidal, or any other waveform can be programmed from within the software or imported, thus providing virtually any common or unique breath pattern needed.

The smart pump function can be used to meet aerosol, ventilator, and CPAP requirements for testing to approved standards such as:

  • Providing specific volumes to ventilators for analyzing ventilator accuracy
  • Providing a consistent sine-wave flow profile for aerosol testing
  • Analyzing differences to various mask designs using identical inspiratory and expiratory flow patterns 
  • Creating very small flows to test ventilator triggering and sensitivity of flow sensors

Extreme Accuracy

Because the smart pump is driven by an electromechanical system with a volume resolution of less than 13 μL, it is extremely accurate and repeatable, even when providing very small volumes or very low flow rates.

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