PreemieLung cylinder kit for the ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator

The standard ASL 5000™ Breathing Simulator provides a high level of accuracy for tidal volumes from 2 to 2700 cm3 and is normally adequate for simulating neonatal patients. The PreemieLung Option is designed for customers with specialized applications requiring increased accuracy at low volumes. In a volume range of 2 to 200 cm3, the standard ASL 5000 geometrical volume resolution as a percentage of 10 mL tidal volume is 0.124%; with the PreemieLung, the resolution increases to 0.0164%.


ASL 5000 PreemieLung Option
Cylinder diameter 17.8 cm (7 inches) 6.35 cm (2.5 inches)
Total volume 3.1 L 340 mL
Peak flow 280 L/min
(t90 Flow < 50 ms)
40 L/min
(t90 Flow < 50 ms)
Dimensions 425 x 219 x 315 mm 152 x 64 x 64 mm
Volume resolution as % of 10mL tidal volume 0.124% 0.0164%

Existing ASL 5000 units can be retrofitted at our facility.

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