Basic Tutorial

Advanced Tutorial

Download the latest installer for the ASL 5000 Lung Solution LLEAP plug-in (version 2.7.12) as well as all current product documentation below.

Release Notes

Version 2.7 is compatible with LLEAP versions 6.3 to 7.0 for the adult manikins. The SimBaby must use LLEAP 6.7 or greater. Updates include:

  • Updates allowing new versions of LLEAP to be installed without requiring re-installation of ASL plug-in
  • Minor adjustment to default shape of spontaneous breath waveform resulting in a more sinusoidal shape
  • Updates to ASL Monitor breath detection allowing for monitored data that is more representative of the ventilator’s output
  • ASL Monitor volume waveforms have been changed to represent tidal volume rather than total volume

As a reminder, updates from recently released 2.6 plug-in included:

  • Software support to work with the new SimBaby™ manikin
  • Automated backup and importing of customer patient models when updating or installing new versions of LLEAP software
  • Implemented compensations for adult and baby manikins to better align with ventilator outputs
  • Added diagnostic option to set up communications when the SimMan is set to a static IP address (staticip.txt)
  • User can identify whether or not a manikin is connected in order to apply appropriate compensations for ASL Monitor data