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Advanced Tutorial

Download the latest installer for the ASL 5000 Lung Solution LLEAP plug-in (version 2.9) as well as all current product documentation below.

Release Notes (version

What’s improved/enhanced from prior version (2.8.2)?

  • ASL connector disconnects when closing LLEAP.
  • View Last Breath toggle functions, as intended.
  • Manikin chest movement will be visible when PEEP is applied up to the tidal volume limits of the manikin. Volumes up to 2.1L are achievable with the ASL 5000, however it is possible that volumes over 900 mL will cause the manikin chest bags to stop moving. Please refer to your manikin manual or Laerdal representative for clarification on manikin capabilities.
  • Regional settings will not cause corrupted waveforms.

Known issues to be improved upon in the future

  • Future testing on other ASL 5000 compatible manikins to ensure Plugin functionality

Coming soon

  • SimDesigner integration with ASL 5000 lung models