Basic Tutorial

Advanced Tutorial

Download the latest installer for the ASL 5000 Lung Solution LLEAP plug-in (version 2.9) as well as all current product documentation below.

Release Notes (version

What’s improved/enhanced from prior version (

  • Manikin resistance compensations are now applied when a manikin is attached
  • Manikin chest rise accounts for PEEP when calculating volume
  • Fixed issues that occur when loading the ASL 5000 plugin, in some specific cases

Known issues to be improved upon in the future

  • “View last breath” toggle is not functioning

Coming soon

  • SimDesigner integration with ASL 5000 lung models

Functionality notes

  • When selecting “pause” in the LLEAP environment, the ASL monitor will stop moving, but the piston inside the ASL 5000 will continue to move. This allows the ventilator to continue to run without hitting pressure limits. The user can continue to make changes to the lung model during this time, and the changes will take effect after the user has started the scenario again.

  • While selecting “pause” in the LLEAP environment, the “Apnea” toggle will appear to be switched on. However, the ASL 5000 will continue running in its current lung model.

  • You may change any compliance and resistance value in both standard and advanced windows. The change will take place upon clicking play.

  • Inspiratory muscle pressure cannot be changed while paused. The value will always revert back to what was set before pausing.

  • While paused, the rate parameter will appear grayed out in standard “Breath Effort Control” window. However, if “Advanced” is toggled on, you may change the rate as well as any pause, rise, hold, and release times (this includes expiratory muscle pressure). All changes will take place upon clicking play.

  • Breaths per Change is able to be changed while paused.

  • A new lung model is able to be selected and applied while paused. The change will take place upon clicking play.

  • You are able to adjust the disease state severity bar while paused. Values associated with the slider position will take effect upon clicking play.