The ASL 5000™ Breathing Simulator can breathe spontaneously and can hold PEEP at any clinically relevant level, even > 20 cmH₂O. With the ASL 5000 you can, simulate a nearly unlimited number of patient disease states, neonatal through adult.


The ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator is a high-fidelity, digitally controlled “respiratory flight simulator.” It provides the lungs for both the RespiSim® System and the ASL 5000 Lung Solution.

RespiSim Software is an add-on to the ASL 5000 software and provides a user interface tailored to the needs of educators. The ASL 5000 Lung Solution allows you to integrate the ASL 5000 with Laerdal’s SimMan 3G, SimMan Essential, SimMan 3G Trauma, SimMan Essential Bleeding and SimBaby™.

Intended Use

Ventilator management training for neonatal through adult patients.

RespiSim Packages for Educators

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Reproducible patients

Ensure consistent instruction and skills assessment.

Patient Model Library

Quickly start running simulations with our library of over 35 preconfigured patient models (neonatal to adult).

Spontaneous breathing controls

Examine patient-ventilator interaction with  a spontaneously breathing patient or one that responds passively to a ventilator.

  • Simulate coughs and other extreme breaths. See how it works.
  • Script Editor – assemble and launch preconfigured breathing profiles. See how it works.
  • Sophisticated modeling tools  define one- or two-compartment models, non-linear compliance and resistance effects.
  • Interactive control panel – adjust patient parameters on the fly while simulation is running.
  • Report-writing capability – simplify skill assessment record keeping with the ability to print standard reports or generate Microsoft Word, Excel, and HTML compatible pages.
  • 500Hz data sampling rate – analyze details for ventilator triggering and other events.
  • Post-run analysis – extensive data analysis package captures 90+ parameters for hours of trending and review, as well as flow, pressure, and volume waveforms. Export all captured data to ASCII (Excel-readable) formats with a mouse click. 
See how it works.
  • LabVIEWbased – work with a convenient graphic interface and custom tailor special applications.
  • Lightweight and portable – just 22 lbs 
(10 kg) for easy transport and great usability.

User Stories

  • Porcine Lungs come to Life at UTMB. Jose Rojas, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Respiratory Care, University of Texas Medical Branch. Read More.