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Humans Breathe And So Do Their Pets

Meet Bella, a six year old spaniel who decided to go for a swim and nearly drowned. Bella is now suffering from ARDS and needs to be placed on mechanical ventilation – but what settings should we use?Respi-dog

This was the prompt given at one of the two mechanical ventilation labs at the 2015 IVECCS (Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society) Convention. Using IngMar Medical’s ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator, professionals from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine were able to simulate real-life vet emergencies to teach the practices of mechanical ventilation.

Through a series of small group discussions, hands-on training, and didactic lectures, participants had the unique opportunity to learn about, diagnose, and care for various cat and dog disease states.

“The professionals at Cornell University College of Veterinary medicine are using the ASL 5000 to teach mechanical ventilation to residents”, said Amanda Dexter, IngMar Medical’s Clinical Educator who assisted at the IVECCS labs. “It was a wonderful experience to witness the way they are revolutionizing the future of veterinary training.”

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