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  • IngMar Medical's 25th Anniversary!

    For twenty five years, IngMar Medical’s vision has been to help raise the quality of patient care through the use of breathing simulators, lung models, and test lungs.

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  • New Lungs for SimMan!

    The ASL 5000™ Lung Solution for SimMan® enables you to simulate a spontaneously breathing patient supported on a ventilator.

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  • It's All About the Lungs!

    IngMar Medical's respiratory simulators and test lungs are used worldwide to provide hands-on clinician training, test ventilator performance, and accelerate research and development.

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  • Software 3.6 Adds Ease to Simulation Training

    Software 3.6 for the RespiSim® System features a new QuickChoice Menu for simple respiratory simulation scenario set up. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

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Jan 26-30, 2019 - IMSH 2019


Webinar: Test Automation Interface (TAI)

Learn how you can save time and gain consistency with true automated device testing. Please join us for an informative webinar where […] Read More

ASL 5000 in the News at Cleveland Clinic

Practice makes perfect, but how to practice for high-risk scenarios which occur only rarely? Physicians at the Cleveland Clinic have […] Read More

Webinar: Managing a Pneumothorax with the ASL 5000 Lung Solution for SimMan

Would you like to watch a tension pneumothorax scenario using the ASL 5000™ Lung Solution for SimMan®?  The scenario will begin […] Read More

New LLEAP Software Plugin, Version 2.4.11 for the SimMan® Platform

IngMar Medical is pleased to announce the release of its new LLEAP Software Plugin, version 2.4.11 for the SimMan® Platform. […] Read More

Webinar: Measurement Uncertainty and Advanced Verification of the ASL 5000

View the recording of Measurement Uncertainty and Advanced Verification of the ASL 5000™. Periodic calibration of your ASL 5000 ensures that you […] Read More

The Lung Solution is a Winner at St. Elizabeth Healthcare

The ASL 5000 Lung Solution has greatly enhanced the respiratory education program for learners and educators at St. Elizabeth because […] Read More

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