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  • It's All About the Lungs!

    IngMar Medical's respiratory simulators and test lungs are used worldwide to provide hands-on clinician training, test ventilator performance, and accelerate research and development.

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  • Software 3.6 Adds Ease to Simulation Training

    Software 3.6 for the RespiSim® System features a new QuickChoice Menu for simple respiratory simulation scenario set up. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

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Dec 4-7, 2018 - AARC 2018
Jan 26-30, 2019 - IMSH 2019


The Case for Open Standards in Physiology Modeling

By Stefan Frembgen, Dr-Ing, President of IngMar Medical Physiology modeling was an important topic during the Modeling & Simulation summit […] Read More

Finally! Evidence-based Parameters for Simulating Mechanical Ventilation Patients

Until now there have been no evidence-based or even commonly accepted standards for simulating different respiratory patient types. Without standards, […] Read More

Manikin-Based vs. Computer-Based Training for Ventilator Management – New Research

Is mechanical ventilation training with a manikin more effective than other modes of instruction? The argument for hands-on simulation training […] Read More

Webinar: Running a Mechanical Ventilation Scenario with RespiSim®

Learn how you can take your ventilator management training to a new level with hands-on training using the RespiSim System. […] Read More

Mechanical Ventilation at IMSH 2018

We’re excited to tell you about two events at IMSH 2018 that focus on mechanical ventilation management training. Curriculum for […] Read More

Discussion of New Modules for RespiSim® Patient-Ventilator Synchrony in Pressure Assist-Control Mode

An interview with Jessica Dietz, MS, RRT and Kimber Catullo, BSRC, RRT – Clinical Educators with IngMar Medical. Q: IngMar […] Read More

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