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ETView Option

Laryngoscope use, cord visualization, and tube placement are difficult to train because peering over a student’s shoulder while asking them what they see is frustrating for both student and instructor.
ETView provides a clear view for intubation training.

ETView provides a clear view for intubation training.

With ETView you can eliminate frustration and get better training results by simultaneously seeing exactly what the student sees.


Equipped with a tiny digital camera at the tip of the ET-tube, the ETView transmits video images of RespiTrainer Advance’s upper airways, trachea and main carina during intubation training.

Intended Use

Endotracheal intubation training for respiratory therapists, paramedics, nurse anesthetists physicians and first responders. Not for use on a patient.


  •  View the anatomy of the RespiTrainer Advance upper airway, get feedback on hand-eye coordination and monitor scope positioning.
  •  Optimize group training with screen projections, allowing students to learn from the experience of fellow trainees.
  •  Create your own training videos to demonstrate best practices or potential problems.
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