Respiratory Simulation Specialists



Virtual Ventilator

Teach the basics of Patient-Ventilator Interaction without an actual ventilator.


The  ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator Software gives you a “Virtual Ventilator”, complete with typical ventilator controls. Set pressure or volume controlled ventilation as triggered (Assist Control) or non-triggered; and view the interaction with the patient’s spontaneous breathing pattern. Can be purchased as stand-alone software.


  • Prepare and use simulations for basic ventilator management learning objectives in the classroom without an actual ventilator
  • Generate on-line learning experiences for students by embedding Adobe® Captivate® screen simulations into e-learning environments
  • Give students a tool to engage in hands-on preparation for larger lab simulations, maximizing their efficiency
  • Open up new opportunities for students to work with waveforms and deepen their understanding of Patient-Ventilator Interaction

See a quick demonstration of how to adjust the ventilator to address patient-ventilator dyssynchrony.



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