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Research Studies with the ASL 5000

Below, you will find research studies that have been conducted with the ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator. These studies introduce some interesting applications and demonstrate the extensive capabilities of the device. We welcome you to submit your own studies with the ASL 5000 to help other respiratory simulation users reach their full potential. Please submit studies to
Kaixian Zhu, Claudio Rabec, Jésus Gonzalez-Bermejo Sébastien Hardy, Sami Aouf, Pierre Escourrou and Gabriel RoismanCombined effects of leaks, respiratory system properties and upper airway patency on the performance of home ventilators: a bench studyBMC Pulmonary Medicine (2017)
Onnen Mörer, Peter Herrmann, José Hinz, Paolo Severgnini, Edoardo Calderini, Michael Quintel, Paolo PelosiHigh flow biphasic positive airway pressure by helmet - effects on pressurization, tidal volume, carbon dioxide accumulation and noise exposureCritical Care 2009 (open access article)
Justin S Phillips, Lance P Pangilinan, Earl R E Mangalindan, Joseph L Booze, Richard H KalletA Comparison of Different Techniques for Interfacing Capnography With Adult and Pediatric Supplemental Oxygen MasksCritical Care 2009 (open access article)
Hui-Ling Lin MSc RN RRT, Ruben D Restrepo MD RRT, Douglas S Gardenhire MSc RRT-NPS, and Joseph L Rau PhD RRT FAARCEffect of Face Mask Design on Inhaled Mass of Nebulized Albuterol, Using a Pediatric Breathing ModelAARC Respiratory Care, August 2007, Vol. 52, No. 8
Shannon E Cook, Katherine L Fedor CPFT RRT-NPS, and Robert L Chatburn RRT-NPS FAARCEffects of Imposed Resistance on Tidal VolumeAARC Respiratory Care, May 2010, Vol. 55, No. 5
Chun-Hsiang Yu MD, Po-Lan Su MD, Wei-Chieh Lin MD PhD, Sheng-Hsiang Lin PhD, and Change-Wen Chen MD MScSimulation of Late Inspiratory Rise in Airway Pressure during Pressure Support Ventilation.AARC Respiratory Care, February 2015, Vol. 60, No. 2
Drevhammar T, Nilsson K, Zetterstrom H, Jonsson BComparison of Seven Infant Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Systems using Simulated Neonatal BreathingPediatric Critical Care Medicine, September 2011
Eduardo Mireles-Cabodevila MD and Robert L Chatburn RRT-NPS FAARCWork of Breathing in Adaptive Pressure Control Continuous Mandatory VentilationAARC Respiratory Care, November 2009, Vol. 54, No. 11
Michihisa Teradoa, Shingo Ichibab, Osamu Naganoa, and Yoshihito UjikeaEvaluation of Pressure Support Ventilation with ASL 5000Acta Medica Okayama, 2008
A. De Luca, F. S. Sall, R. Sailley, G. Capellier, A. KhouryReliability of manikin-based studies: an evaluation of manikin characteristics and their impact on measurements of ventilatory variablesAnesthesia, 2015
Francois Beloncle, Evangelia Akoumianaki, Nuttapol Rittayamai, Aissam Lyazidi, Laurent BrochardAccuracy of delivered airway pressure and work of breathing estimation during proportional assist ventilation: a bench studyAnnals of Intensive Care, 2016
Masato Hosoya, M.D., Taro Mizutani, M.D., Ph.D., Shinji Takahashi, M.D., Ph.D., Hidenori Toyooka, M.D., Ph.D.Effects of Pressure Support Ventilation or Tube Compensation, and Tracheal Tube Size and Length on Tidal Volume during Spontaneous Breathing —A Simulator StudyMito Saiseikai General Hospital (ASA Annual Meeting Abstracts)
Nicolas Marjanovic,Soizig Le Floch, Morgan Jaffrelot, Erwan L'Her and Robert M Kacmarek PhD RRT FAARCEvaluation of Manual and Automatic Manually Triggered Ventilation Performance and Ergonomics Using a Simulation Model. Noninvasive Ventilation: A Lung Model StudyAARC Respiratory Care, May 2014, Vol. 59, No. 5
Jun Oto MD PhD, Christopher T Chenelle, Andrew D Marchese,
and Robert M Kacmarek PhD RRT FAARC
A Comparison of Leak Compensation During Pediatric
Noninvasive Ventilation: A Lung Model Study
AARC Respiratory Care, February 2014, Vol. 59, No 2
Thomas C Blakeman MSc RRT and Richard D Branson MSc RRT FAARCEvaluation of 4 New Generation Portable VentilatorsAARC Respiratory Care, February 2013, Vol. 58, No. 2
Robert L Chatburn RRT-NPS FAARCWhich Ventilators and Modes Can Be Used to Deliver Noninvasive Ventilation?AARC Respiratory Care, January 2009, Vol. 54, No. 1
Renishkumar R. Delvadia, P. Worth Longest, and Peter R. ByronIn Vitro Tests for Aerosol Deposition. I: Scaling a Physical Model of the Upper Airways to Predict Drug Deposition Variation in Normal HumansJournal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery. February 2012, 25(1): 32-40
Andrew D. Marchese, Daniel Chipman, Pedro de la Oliva, Robert M. KacmarekAdult ICU ventilators to provide neonatal ventilation: a lung simulator studyIntensive Care Medicine
April 2009, Volume 35, Issue 4, pp 631-638
Danny Hsia, Robert M. DiBlasi, Peter Richardson, David Crotwell, Jason Debley and Edward CarterThe Effects of Flexible Bronchoscopy on Mechanical Ventilation in a Pediatric Lung ModelChest 2009;135;33-40.
Doug Pursley, Med, RRT-ACCS,FAARCAnalysis of Three Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Devices During Simulated BreathingRespiratory Therapy 2017

AARC Open Forum Abstracts

Mauo-Ying Bien, Hsiang-Lin Chou, Hsiao-Chi Chuang, You-Lan Yang; School of Respiratory Therapy College of Medicine, Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan; Division of Pulmonary Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan; Division of Pulmonary Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Wan Fang Hospital, Taipei Medical University, Taipei, TaiwanPatient Ventilator Interaction During APRV/BIPAP Modes Among Three Ventilators In ARDS Patient: A Model Lung Study2016
Jennifer Walton, Diane K. Dunn, Nhi Haines, Ilana Heisler, Michael T. Bringham, Teresa A. Volsko, Respiratory Care, Akron Children's Hospital, Akron, OH; Critical Care Administtration, Akron Children's Hospital, Akron, OH; Respiratory Care Program, Rush University, Chicago, IL; Nursing Administration, Akron Children's Hospital, Akron, OHKnowledge And Skill Assessment Of Portable Ventilator Use During Interfaculty Transport Simulations2016
Gerald Moody; Respiratory Care, Children's Medical Center, Dallas, TXComparison Of Trigger Sensitivity Between Two Home-Care Ventilators And One Intensive Care Ventilator With Decreasing Inspiratory Muscle Pressures In A Simulated Neonate Lung Model2016
William R. Howard; Respiratory Care, Bringham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MARe-Establishing Baseline With Transport Ventilators When Transitioning From ICU Ventilators2016
William R. Howard; Respiratory Care, Bringham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MAComparing High Flow Nasal Cannula Systems - The Effect Of Increasing Minute Volume And Flowrate On FIO22016
Kathryn E. Clark, Craig R. Wheeler, Craig D. Smallwood; Respiratory Care, Boston Children's Hospital, Medford, MA; Division of Critical Care Medicine, Department of Anesthesia, Preoperative and Pain Medicine, Boston Children's Hospital, Boston, MA; Harvard Medical School, Boston, MAReduction of Minute Ventilation During Inhaled Nitric Oxide: In An In Vitro Assessment Of Neonatal Ventilation2016
Sherry A. Babic, Adrianne Kowalski, Robert L. Chatburn; Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OHPerformance Of The Max Venturi High Flow Device - A Simulation Study2016
Brandon Burke; Aaron Light; Respiratory Care Program, Ozarks Technical Community College, Clever, MOOxygen Concentration Delivered By Two Different Non-Rebreather Masks2016
Amanda Lutz, Cheryl Dominick, Natalie Napolitano, Richard Lin; Respiratory cAre, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA; Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PAComparison Of Tidal Volume Delivered From Two Circuits With The VDR-4 Critical Care Ventilator - A Bench Model2016
Taylor Huffman, Doug Pursley, Elynn Hurtt, Tanner Kelley, Sara Rice; Ozarks Technical Community College, Springfield, MOTracheal FIO2 Measurements In Three Different Venturi Masks During Simulated, Normal Breathing2016
Judy Schloss; Jolyon P. Mitchell, University of MN Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN; Jolyon Mitchell, Inhaler Consulting Services Inc, London, ON, CanadaEvaluating Upper And Lower Airway Nebulizer-Delivery Of An Inhaled Reliever Medication For Bronchoconstrictive Disease In The Laboratory, Simulating Adult Tidal Breathing And Using An Anatomic Oropharyngeal Model20162016
Amber Al-Abed; Craig Smallwood; Craig Wheeler; Boston Children's Hospital, Boston, MAA Comparison Of Uncut And Cut Endotracheal Tubes During High Frequency Jet Ventilation2016
Michael A Gentile, RRT, FAARCCycling of the Mechanical Ventilator Breath2016
Mark S. Siobal, Laura VegaWork of Breathing During High Flow Nasal Cannula Therapy2015
Gerald Moody, Andre FinleyComparison of Mean Airway Pressure Generated by Two Heated High Flow Nasal Cannula Devices and Nasal Noninvasive Ventilation in a Simulated Pediatric Lung Model2015
Philip Delcore, William R. Howard, Susan Lagambina, Paul F. NuccioAerosol Delivery During Adult Mechanical Ventilation with Increasingly Smaller Tidal Volumes2015
Philip Delcore, William R. Howard, Susan Lagambina, Paul F. NuccioAerosol Delivery with Maxventuri High Flow Nasal Cannula at Different Flowrataes2015
Sue Gole, Robert L. ChatburnComparison of Vixone and Mistyfast Small Volume Nebulizers2015
Philip Delcore, William R. Howard, Susan Lagambina, Paul F. NuccioComparison of Aerosol Delivery During Non-Invasive Ventilation Using the Hamilton G-5 Ventilator Dual Limb Circuit and the Respironics V-60 Single Limb with Exhalation Port2015
William R. HowardTracheal FIO2 Compared to 100% O2 HFNC Delivery with Maxventuri at Increasing Minute Volume2015
William R. Howard, Paul F. NuccioDelivery of Safe F102 in an Experimental Subambient Oxygen Environment2015
Emily Lundstrom, Aaron Light, Doug Pursley, Christa Smith, Amanda Brown, Ethan Fenley, Andrew LawsonAccuracy of Total PEEP Measurements Using Six Different Ventilators2015
Justin Phillips, Lance Pangilinan, mark S. SobialComparison of Ventilator Flow Bias in a Lung Model of COPD2015
Taiga Itagaki, Christopher T. Chenelle, Daniel F. Fisher, Daniel W. Chipman, Robert M. KacmarekA Comparison of Leak Compensation During Neonatal Noninvasive Ventilation Delivered by Three ICU Ventilators: A Lung Model Study2015
Lori A. Boylan, Joseph A. Ciarlo, Susan Coffey Zern, Tom BlacksonA Bench Study Comparison of Negative Inspiratory Force Measurements Using Three Different Measuring Techniques2015
Carl R. Hinkson, Aaron M. JoffeeIn Vitro Evaluation of Endotracheal Cuff Pressures Filled with an Alkalinized Lidocaine Intracuff Mixture2015
Hillary Vanfleet, Diane K. Dunn, Teresa A. VolskoEvaluation of Performance Characteristics of 4 Oscillatory Positive Pressure Devices in a Simulated Cystic Fibrosis Model2015
Natalie Napolitano, Tracey Roberts, Amanda Lutz, Erik jensen, Kevin Dysart, Richard LinDifference in Set vs Achieved Pressures with Neotech Ram Canula on a Critical CAre Ventilator: A Bench Experiment2015
William R. HowardCuff Pressure and Tidal Volume Stability with Cuffed Neonatal Endotracheal Tube2015
Mark S. Siobal, Jason FerrerWork of Breathing Using NIOV in a Low Compliance High Minute Ventilation Lung Model2015
Judy Schloss, Dominic P. Coppolo, Jason A. Suggett, Vivian WAnt, Cathy Doyle, mark W. NagelInvestigation of Medication Delivery from Small Volume Nebulizers (SVN) and a Breath-Actuated Nebulizer (BAN) Using In-Vivo Generated Breathing Profiles2015
Mark S. Siobal, Laura VegaPEEP Generated by High Flow Nasal Cannula at Varying Flow Rates2015
William R. HowardHigh Cuff Pressure Occurs During Mechanical Ventilation: Can it be Avoided?2015
William R. Howard, Paul NuccioArtificial Airway VT and Cuff Pressure Stability: Eliminating the Need for Human Intervention with Portable Intellicuff?2015
William R. Howard, Paul F. NuccioCuffed Artificial Airway Stability: Does Pressure Easy, Cuffsentry, or Intellicuff Require Human Intervention Compared with Traditional Practice?2015
Dave N. Crotwell, Andrea Mckillip, Rob DiBlasiThe effect of circuit size on work of breathing, tidal volume accuracy, and graphics quality during simulated pediatric ventilation2014
Donna K. Parker, Shuijie Shen, Jiang Zhiang, D. Dunbar Ivy, Delphine Yung, Robert M. DiBlasiInhaled treprostinil delivery using a vibrating mesh nebulizer in mechanically ventilated adult, pediatric, and infant lung models2014
Kimber Haug, Robert L. ChatburnInteractions among tidal volume, expiratory time and total-PEEP in APRV2014
Mark S. Siobal, Justin PhillipsWork of breathing during CAPA: Comparison of continuous flow and demand flow ventilators2014
Gerald Moody, Andre Finley, Kristen HoodEffects of rise time on peak inspiratory pressure of two subacute/home care ventilators in a simulated neonate/infant model2014
William R. Howard, Paul F. NuccioComparing carbon dioxide elimination using noninvasive to critical care ventilators2014
Paul F. Nuccio, William R. HowardContinuous Aerosol Drug Delivery during non-invasive ventilation using vibrating mesh technology as part of the mask system2014
Stephanie Bailes, Kimberly Firestone, Diane Dunn, Teresa A. VolskoEvaluation of interface type with bubble CAPA delivery2014
Phillip Delcore, William R. Howard, Paul F. NuccioComparison of aerosol delivery using Hamilton G5 optional inspiration, expiration, and continuous nebulizer modes with aerogen nebulizer2014
Steven Zhou, Robert L. ChatburnThe effect of anatomic reservoir on FIO2 for constant flow vs pulse flow oxygen delivery devices2014
Sherry Babic, Robert L. ChatburnPendant reservoir cannula offers advantages over standard cannula in a model of COPD2014
Stephanie Cole, Robert L. Chatburn, Eduardo Mireles-CabodevilaOptimum ventilation for lung donors2014
William R. Howard, Paul F. NuccioWhat happens to cuff pressure after the routine check?2014
Dave N. Crotwell, Christine Kearney, Leslie Hill, John Salyer, Robert DiBlasi; Respiratory Care, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle, WAThe effect of flow driven nebulizers on triggering during ventilation with the Philips Respironics Trilogy Ventilator2013
Carl Hinkson, Nirpalinder Kaur, Dave R. ParkImpact of novel vibrating mesh nebulizer on ventilator function: A bench trial2013
Rosa T Scaramuzzo, Mallimiliano Ciantelli, Ilaria Baldoli, Lisa Bellanti, Marzia Gentile, Francesca Cecchi, Emilio Sigali, Selene Tonarelli, Paolo Ghirri, Stefano Mazzoleni, Arianna Menciassi, Armando Cuttano, Antonio Boldrini, Cecilia Laschi, Paolo DarioMEchatronic REspiratory System Simulator for Neolatal Applications (MERESSINA) project: a novel bioengineering goal2013
Christine Kearney, Dave Crotwell, John Salyer, Shuijie Shen, Rob DiBlasiCombined iloprost/inhaled nitric oxide drug delivery during infant mechanical ventilation: Effect of sampling port type and nebulizer location2013
Amanda J. Lutz, Brian K. WalshMonitoring changes in tidal volume due to changes in lung mechanics on the VDR-4® - a bench model2013
Robert L. Chatburn, Steven ZhouDisease state lowers FIO2 for continuous flow nasal cannula but not for pulse dose portable oxygen concentrator2013
Steven Zhou, Robert L. ChatburnThe effect of disease state on low flow oxygen delivery by nasal cannula constant flow vs portable oxygen concentrator2013
Kristianna S. Turley, Robert L. ChatburnPerformance evaluation of portable oxygen concentrators in a simulated pediatric model2013
Karen D. LaRoche’, Andrea J. McKillip, Carl R. Hinkson, David J.
Fraction of delivered oxygen titration by adjustments in flow on four different manual resuscitators2013
Tammy Babcock, Daneen Nastars, Jose D. Rojas; UTMB School of Health Professions: Respiratory Care, Galveston, TXUse of human patient simulation to improve critical thinking and performance on the case2013
William R. Howard, Paul F. Nuccio; Respiratory Care, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston,
Controlling ETT cuff pressure during mechanical ventilation with continuous cuff regulation devices2013
Paul F. Nuccio, William R. Howard, Philip Delcore; Respiratory Care, Brigham and Women’s
Tidal Volume and Minute Volume delivery from 2-ICU ventilators in volume cycled mode compared to 5-transport ventilators2013
Diane K. Dunn, Kelli A. Chronister, Teresa A. VolskoUse of a lung simulator to evaluate the performance characteristics of oscillatory positive pressure devices2013
Amanda Dexter, Amy Grant, Scott Grey, Teresa A. VolskoThe use of the ASL 5000 to validate pediatric and neonatal normal and disease state lung models2013
Joseph Ciarlo, Tom Blackson, Susan Coffey Zern, Bharath Bhattar, Finney VarghesThe effect of imposed work of breathing on spontaneous breathing trial results and beside decision making in an in-vitro adult model of spontaneous breathing2013
Joseph Ciarlo, Tom Blackson, Susan Coffey Zern, David Conomon, John Rendle, Alan M. DeKlerkIn-Vitro evaluation of two different neonatal endotracheal tube securing devices on imposed work of breathing2013
Heather K. Thomas, Thomas Heaney, Joseph Ciarlo, Susan Coffey Zern, Tom BlacksonThe role of acoustic reflectometry in evaluation of endotracheal tube patency: an "in-vitro" comparison of assessment techniques used to evaluateairway resistance caused by endotracheal tube biofilm formation2013
William R. Howard, Paul F. Nuccio; Respiratory Care, Brigham and
Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA
Effects of Hamilton G5 Flow sensor on aerosol delivery2013
Gerald Moody, Andre Finley; Children’s Medical Center, Dallas, TXAccuracy of exhaled tidal volume (measured and estimated) of two subacute/home care ventilators in a simulated neonate/infant model2013
Thomas Heaney, Heather K. Thomas, Joseph Ciarlo, Susan Coffey Zern, Tom BlacksonCan commercially available device restore the flow resistive properties of an endotracheal tube to pre-use conditions?2013
John Bennett, Edward Hoisington, Robert L. Chatburn; Respiratory Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OHThe Effect of reservoir design on inhaled aerosol for small volume nebulizers2013
William R. Howard, Philip Delcore, Paul F. Nuccio; Respiratory Care, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MAComparing Tidal volume and minute volume delivery in 2 ICU-Ventilators with a 5-transport ventilators during time-cycled-pressure-control mode2013
Amy Grant, Amanda Dexter, Scott Grey, Teresa A. VolskoLaboratory investigation of 4 portable ventilators using pediatric and infant lung models2013
Jun Oto, Andrew D. Marchese, Robert M. KacmarekA Comparison of Leak Compensation in Acute Care Ventilators during Invasive Ventilation; A Lung Model Study2012
Dave N. Crotwell, Donna Dupras, Robert DiBlasiPressure and Ventilation Effects of Noninvasive Respiratory Support Devices in a Spontaneously Breathing Lung Model2012
John S. Emberger, Joel M. Brown IIBench Evaluation of a Novel Tracheostomy Speech Device2012
Carl R. Hinkson, Dave R. Park, Rob DiBlasiThe Effect of Pause Time on Double-Triggering in a Simulated Asynchronous Lung Model During Lung Protective Ventilation2012
Carl R. Hinkson, Dave R. Park, Rob DiBlasiA Comparison of Oxygen Mask Fio2 Concentrations using a Range of Tidal Volumes and Inspiratory Flowrates2012
Carl R. Hinkson, Cynthia White, Thomas A. Barnes, Rob DiBlasiEvaluation of the Neotee T-Piece Infant Resuscitator2012
Wei-Ren Ke, Hui-Ling LinPerformance of Reused-Pasteurized Disposable Nebulizer2012
Jared B. Rice, Chad Weagraff, Timothy MyersEffects of Adding a Pediatric Omni-Flex Connector on Delta Pressure and Mean Airway Pressure on the Sensormedics 3100a2012
Hui-Ling Lin, Arzu Ari, Robert Harwood Harwood2, James B. Fink, Rob TrustyInfluence of Breathing Patterns, Flow Rate and Face Mask on Aerosol Delivery to Simulated Spontaneously Breathing Infants and Pediatrics2012
Gary O. Martin, Christopher Culter, Andrew Weirauch, Allan Andrews, Carl F. HaasEffects of Leak Compensation on Cuff Leak Tests: A Bench Study2012
Rob DiBlasi, Shuijie Shen, Dave Crotwell, John Salyer, Tara Mahaffey, Delphine YungIloprost Drug Delivery during Infant Mechanical Ventilation: Influence of Nebulizer Position during Conventional and High Frequency Ventilation2012
Jun Oto, Andrew D. Marchese, Robert M. KacmarekA Comparison of Leak Compensation in Acute Care Ventilators during Non-Invasive Ventilation; A Lung Model Study2012
Tammy L. Babcock, Daneen Nastars, Paula D. Cowan, Jose D. RojasUsing SimNewB to Develop a Decision-Making Simulation for Surfactant Administration And Management of a 28-Week Gestation Infant in Respiratory Distress2012
Dave N. Crotwell, Donna Dupras, Robert DiBlasiEvaluation of Pressure Delivery using the Philips Respironics Neopap in a Spontaneously Breathing Neonatal Lung Model2012
Jared B. Rice, Chad Weagraff, Timothy MyersEffects of the Water Chamber Level on Delta Pressure and Mean Airway Pressure on the 3100a High Frequency Oscillator2012
Mark S. Siobal, Roberto BautistaComparison of Calculated and Measured Tracheal Pressures during Automatic Tube Compensation on the Draeger Xl and the E-Vent Medical Inspiration 7-I Ventilators2012
David M. Wheeler, Thomas J. Williams, Robert L. ChatburnPerformance Comparison of Two Portable Oxygen Concentrators2012
Tiffany M. Youngquist, C. Peter Richardson, Robert M. DiBlasiEffects of Condensate in the Exhalation Limb of Neonatal Circuits on Airway Pressure (Paw) during Bubble Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (B-Cpap)2012
Steven Zhou, Robert L. ChatburnEffect of Positive Expiratory Pressure on Peak Expiratory Flow during Airway Pressure Release Ventilation2012
Cynthia C. White, Dave N. Crotwell, Shuijie Shuijie, Delphine Yung, John Salyer, Robert M. DiBlasiBronchodilator Delivery during Simulated Noninvasive Ventilation of a Pediatric Asthmatic2012
Rob DiBlasi, Dave Crotwell, Donna Dupras, Tara Mahaffey, John SalyerNitric Oxide Delivery in Neonatal Noninvasive Respiratory Support Devices2012
Rob DiBlasi, Tara Mahaffey, Dave Crotwell, Leslie SalyerPerformance Evaluation of Four Subacute Care Ventilators in a Simulated Spontaneously Breathing Infant with Chronic Lung Disease2011
Richard D. Branson, Chris Blakeman, Joe CipolloneEvaluation of a Volume Targeted NIV Device: Bench Evaluation of the Breathe Technologies Non-Invasive Open Ventilation System (NIOV)2011
Teresa A. Volsko, Justin B. Hoffman, Alecia M. Conger, Robert L. ChatburnThe Effect of a Dual Targeting Scheme on Tidal Volume Delivery During Volume Control Mechanical Ventilation2011
Greg Merritt, Brian K. Walsh, Brandon DiagleMeasurement of Sub Tidal Volume and Mean Airway Pressure Changes as a Result of Resistance Changes on the High Frequency Percussive Ventilator. A Bench Study.2011
Rob DiBlasi, Kendra Smith, Davae Crotwell, John SalyerTidal Volume Precision During Neonatal Volume-Targeted, Spontaneous Models with a Large ETT Leak in an Erratically Breathing Infant Lung Model2011
Andrew D. Marchese, Demet Sulemanji, Joseph Krathovil, Jesús Villar, Robert M. KacmarekTransport Ventilator Performance During Pressure Support Ventilation2010
Robert L. Chatburn, Sherry BabicEvaluation of Dräger APRV with Autorelease - A Model Study2010
Dave N. Crotwell, Rob DiBlasiTidal Volume Precision of Neonatal Volume0Targeted, Spontaneous Modes in an Active and Passive Infant Lung Model2010
Dave N. Crotwell, Rob DiBlasiAirway (PAW) and Lung Model (PLUNG) Pressure Stability in Two Nasal Bubble Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (BCPAP) Systems2010
Robert L. Chatburn, Steven ZhouComparison of Nebulizer Efficiency and Treatment Time2010
Robert L. Chatburn, Thomas J. WilliamsComparative Evaluation of Pulsed Dose Oxygen Conserving Devices2010
Olga Nazarenko, Robert L. Chatburn, Madhu SasidharEffect of Volume or Pressure Control Ventilation on Simulated Chest Tube Leaks2010
Ehab Daoud, Robert L. ChatburnComparison of APRV and BIPAP in a Mechanical Model of ARDS2010
Ehab Daoud, Robert L. ChatburnAuto-PEEP During APRV Varies with the Ventilator Model2010
Jose D. Rojas, Albert Ho, Reed Perkins, Joy J. Powell, Jon O. Nilsestuen; Respiratory Care, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TXCreating Ventilator Scenarios Combining Laerdal SimMan and IngMar Medical ASL 50002009
Megan McKenney, Steven Zhou, Shannon E. Cook, Robert L. ChatburnEffects of Lung Mechanics on Oxygen Delivery using Simple Oxygen Masks2009
Shannon E. Cook, Robert L. Chatburn; Respiratory Institute, The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OHSimulated Neonatal Patient-Ventilator Interaction using SIPAP and Bilevel NCPAP2009
Jay Zignego, Robert M. DiBlasi, Stewart Carlson, Kathleen Bongiovanni, Thomas Hansen, Peter RichardsonA Simple Infant Ventilator Designed for Use in Resource-Limited and Mass Casualty Settings2008
Daniel W. Chipman, Andrew D. Marchese, Robert M. KacmarekMeasurement of Respiratory Mechanics by ICU Ventilators2008
Robert L. Chatburn RRT-NPS FAARC and Michael McPeck RRT FAARCA New System for Understanding Nebulizer Performance2007
Gary Martin BS RRT; Allan Andrews MS RRT; Carl Haas MLS RRT FAARCEffects of Changing Frequency, Delta-P and Inspiratory Time on Distal Lung Pressure during HFOV2006
Lacey Matteson, Rebecca Brollier, Lonny Ashworth RRT Boise State University, Boise, IdahoComparing Slow-Flow P-V Loops using the AVEA, Drager XL and Galileo2006
Mike Troxell, PhD, RRT and Craig P. Black, PhD, RRT, The University of Toledo.The Response of Dual Control Modes to Changes in Compliance and Resistance2005
Ghazi Alotaibi, MS, RRT (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Newark, NJ); Craig Scanlan, EdD, RRT, FAARC (UMDNJ, Newark, NJ); Robert Kacmarek, PhD, RRT, FAARC (Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA); Al Heuer, PhD, RRT (UMDNJ, Newark, NJ)Comparability of the ASL 5000 SImulator with a Pneumotachometer/Pressure Transducer System2004
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